Class Rates

We offer both one-on-one and group programming.

Click on any of the images below and view the course calendars for our 4 main areas of programming.


ONE-ON-ONE course selections are $30 per class

LEARNING PODS and GROUPS of 2-3 children are $25 per class.


Mrs. L’s Class Hours are from
10:00AM-5:00PM PST Monday-Thursday

Building Reading and Literacy Skills

Letter ID, phonemic and phonological awareness, high frequency words, word families, reading comprehension, story details, character ID

Building Math Skills

Addition & subtraction, counting, number ID, shapes, patterns and measurements

Introduction to Spanish

Numbers, colors, days of the week, months and basic conversational Spanish

Storytime and Related Craft

Reading stimulates imagination and helps develop language and listening skills; following stories with a craft increases excitement for reading.

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