I’ve had the pleasure of working with “Mrs. L” (as the children call her) both as a parent and as a substitute teacher.     Her wisdom and experience in early childhood education is invaluable.   My son started Mrs. L’s PreK classroom as a shy, apprehensive four-year-old who did not want to go to school and finished the year as a smart, confident five-year-old who loved school.   This August, he started kindergarten not only well prepared, but way ahead of the curve.   I am so grateful for the time that he had with Mrs. L, both in the classroom, and virtually.

After COVID closed the school, my son attended her class virtually.  Mrs. L was able to capture his attention and keep him interested in learning.    I never felt like my son missed out because she did a wonderful job transitioning to virtual learning, while keeping the students engaged.

As a parent it is reassuring to know that my child had a nurturing, loving and attentive teacher.   Mrs. L was quick to recognize my son’s strengths and weaknesses.  She was approachable and available to me whenever I had questions or concerns.  She is a good communicator, both with the children and the parents.

As a substitute teacher, I was able to see Mrs. L interact with her students.  She is patient, kind and has a sense of humor that both the children and teachers enjoy.   My son would often come home talking about her stories.  She does not simply read to the children, but she engages them and captures their imagination.

Finally, it is a testament to her abilities when fellow teachers hope for her to teach their own children!

Marilyn Moss, pleased parent of a prepared child