Beth Lozitsky


For the past 34 years I have been so passionate about Early Childhood Education, that I have decided to launch my new venture, my own remote tutoring/ enrichment program. My past experience has included a B.A. in EC Education and a M.S. in Language Arts. I also taught preschool age children in New Jersey for 27 years. During those years I was a summer camp and preschool director. When I relocated to Henderson, NV, I ran the aftercare program at Alexander Dawson School in Summerlin. For the past six years I was an assistant teacher at Henderson International School. I know many families are facing the challenge of juggling work, childcare, and distance learning. I am here to help and support you with some concerns you may have with your child’s educational needs. I believe that each child is a unique individual. We must remember that children respond differently to instruction; each child will have the opportunity to grow through individually planned lessons based on their needs. Learning has to be fun and engaging so that they stay focused and excited about learning. My experience has taught me to always be positive, encouraging and nurturing to gain a child’s acceptance and willingness to move forward. All children have great potential and should be made to feel that way. That is my ultimate goal while working with your child.